Ryoichi Kinoshita Sensei

Our dojo cho, Neil Segal, trained under Ryoichi Kinoshita Sensei. Ryoichi Kinoshita Sensei (7th Dan) began Aikido training under Abe Seiseki Shihan in 1974. At age 24, he became a live-in student of Abe Shihan. From 1996 to present day, he has been director and head instructor of Suisenkan Aikido Dojo in Suita, Japan. He instructs full-time in Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. As a longtime student of Abe Sensei, a close personal friend and calligraphy teacher of Osensei, Kinoshita Sensei studied calligraphy as well as Aikido with Abe Sensei. Kinoshita Sensei has given seminars in Santa Cruz (CA), Berkeley (CA), San Jose (CA), San Francisco (CA), Kansas City (KS), Iowa City (IA), Rochester (NY), and Syracuse (NY). Kinoshita has been an important part of our dojo cho’s training as one of his principal teachers and holds an important place in his life.