A Brief Word Concerning Misogi (禊)

The path of aikido leads towards the restoration of harmony between the universe and all of it’s contents through an appreciation of the perfection and balance of nature. To follow this path, one must purify oneself through Misogi, ingesting the energy of the universe contained in light, air, water, etc. and constantly exchanging air and water with the creative energy of the universe. Cleansing ourselves allows us to cleanse the world around us. Through these means, one may train the mind to be in harmony with the collective consciousness, the body to flow in balance with the natural motions, and the spirit to be in harmony with the perpetual vibrations of universal energy. 

A typical misogi practice begins with repetitions of several styles of “rowing” called Ame no Torifune. This is follwed by Otakebi and Okorobi, “the sword of no sword.” After purification with water, Furitama is practiced to continue to align one’s center with universal vibrations. An ancient script, called a Norito, is chanted for kokyu (breath) strengthening, followed by meditation in In Wo Musubu. 

Misogi practice does not end with these practices, but also includes controlling the amount and content of nutrition and numerous other practices. Through this training and purification, the founder taught the path to chinkon, spiritual tranquility.