Adult AikiJo Class

A jo is a wooden staff. In Aikido, the Jo staff is used for spearing, hitting, or deflecting a strike from an opponent. Morihei Ueshiba (1883–1969), the founder of Aikido, adapted the Jo with the intent to teach the principles of Aikido. His use of the Jo is called aikijo.

Aikijo is similar to jodo in that they both involve fencing techniques to a degree, but they differ in the overall nature and strategies that are used.

Jodo techniques are faster and sharper, using angular attacks and defensive moves. Aikijo techniques tend to be slower and softer by using circular movements to blend attacks and defensive moves in order to reduce or negate an attack.

Even though Ueshiba believed in unarmed battle, he still understood the importance of becoming competent in weaponry. He believed and taught that Aikido is a process that features circular motions and techniques that are more defensive than offensive.

Skills acquired through committed weapon practice translate directly and positively to improving our unarmed aikido techniques.

Benefits of weapons practice include the development of correct posture, calmness of mind, foot work, atemi (striking), moving from one’s centre, coordination, focus and calmness of mind, energy extension and general fitness.