Children's Aikido - Ages 5-14

We offer youth Aikido classes under experienced instructors in a safe, fun, and disciplined environment. Classes include self defense and anti-bullying tactics, and each child is given lots of personal attention to keep them challenged according to their own level of physical and cognitive abilities and growth. Class size is limited, so get your child’s name in today!

Our Children’s class is a great way to start a young child out in the martial arts! Lessons are based on skill-building, instilling children with seven core characteristics of the samurai, including respect and courage. Students receive individualized attention from highly experienced instructors, and in addition to martial arts, learn lessons in safety and social skills, and even some easy Japanese – all while having a great time!

The children increase their awareness, confidence, and posture. Rather than teaching them how to fight, they are taught how to stop a fight as quickly as possible. This is accomplished through the practice of redirection techniques, which in turn teaches them to align themselves to meet the situation at hand. These classes turns eager youth into self-motivated leaders.

Aikijuku Dojo helps Teen/Pre-Teen builds on the strengths of maturing youth! Kids in this group are exploring newly developed physical stamina, mental acuity, and overall increased self-awareness. We introduce challenging new martial skills and self-defense techniques, and gauge progress through active goal-setting

Cumulative Curriculum Means Continuous Progress
We strongly believe that children achieve great things through consistency, persistence, and fulfilling aims.  In class, even the youngest child’s effort counts in the progression to higher ranks, and older children accumulate credit which can eventually be applied to black belt testing.  On top of attendance tracking, and along with frequent repetition in class, we also implement test prep sessions and frequent parent/child check-in sessions.


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