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Aikijuku Dojo  Kyoto Seminar 2021

The seminar was canceled last year due to the worldwide spread of the novel coronavirus. However, this year the 5th International Aikido Friendship Seminar will be held at the Butokuden in Kyoto.

Past Events


AikiCamp 2021

Help your child leap into the next school year with AikiCamp – an exclusive 4-day camp where children age 6–12 will learn about Japan, Japanese culture and get an in-depth look at Aikido through multiple daily sessions while also learning basics of Kenjutsu – the art of Samurai swordsmanship.  Participants will have an opportunity to enjoy Japanese games like kendama and hanfuda, language and culture, while learning watercolor, calligraphy, Taiko drumming, and origami. Win Japanese prizes, camp gear, and do your best in the Aiki-Joust tournament. AikiCamp 2021 will be a truly memorable experience to end the summer.

Aikijuku Dojo  Kansas City Aikido Bridge Seminar 2021

Started in 2016, the Kansas City Aikido Bridge Seminar has brought Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei and Ryoichi Kinoshita Sensei’s teachings to the region as well as assembling guest instructors and students to raise the level of training for our region. This year, in addition to in-person training, the KC Bridge Seminar started dojo-to-dojo training with dojo in Boulder, CO, Livermore, CA, Osaka, Japan and Bucharest, Romania to allow students to train via Zoom from their home or their local dojo. Even as the world felt separated, our students were able to join dojos from around the world to learn, instruct, and grow together, continuing the tradition of spreading the Aiki spirit from Dojo to Dojo.

Aikijuku Dojo   Children's Aikido Promotions Testing

Despite social distancing, Zoom training, training with household members for much of this year, our children did an excellent job taking a long test with masks.

Congratulations to our new Jr. Shodan, Ikkyu, and Yonkyu with Stripes!

Aikijuku Dojo  Aikijuku Dojo Kagami Biraki 2020 Celebration

Each year, we re-dedicate ourselves to our training, strengthen connections with other martial artists in and outside of our dojo and celebrate the new year. This year, we were fortunate to have many people participate and demonstrations of Japanese and Okinawan arts by Ken Baker Sensei and Jeff Jones Sensei.

Aikijuku Dojo  2018 Kansas City Japan Festival

Ryoichi Kinoshita (Aikikai, 7th Dan) taught about Aikido and Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) with the theme of 上善如水 (Jozen Mizu no Gotoshi).