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Aikijuku Dojo  Kawaii Kids

Aikijuku Dojo primary philosophy for teaching Aikido to children is to develop each child’s own natural sense of self-worth through diligent training and discipline. We work to develop children levels of confidence, respect, awareness, their ability to interact with others though practice, patience and perseverance.

Aikijuku Dojo  Children's Aikido

We offer youth Aikido classes under experienced instructors in a safe, fun, and disciplined environment. Classes include self defense and anti-bullying tactics, and each child is given lots of personal attention to keep them challenged according to their own level of physical and cognitive abilities and growth. Class size is limited, so get your child’s name in today!

Aikijuku Dojo  Adult Aikido

Aikijuku Dojo specializes in offering instruction in Aikido to adults (women and men ages 14 and older). We do not have separate classes or regular signup periods for new beginners; instead we prefer our new members to mix in right away with our full community, and benefit from training with the full range of experience and skill of our other members.

Aikijuku Dojo  Kenjutsu

Kenjutsu is not a comprehensive study of Budo 武道 (Martial Way), but its focus is simple:

  1. Train in use of the katana (samurai sword) in a safe and effective way
  2. Develop the basic understanding of the katana and how to use it
  3. Support “back yard samurai” that have an interest in swords, by formalizing their training and providing a basic knowledge of the katana so that they can better enjoy their sword

Kenjutsu (Japanese Swordsmanship) enables students to become skilled with the katana quickly and safely.  In the end, this course is all about empowering you.

Like most weapons, basic skills come fast but mastery happens over a lifetime. 


Originating in Japan, the word taiko simply means “drum”. Throughout history, various forms of taiko have been used for several purposes including military action and warfare, theater, festivals, and performance arts. We here at Three Trails Taiko, along with hundreds of groups around the world, participate in of style of taiko called “kumi-daiko”. Kumi-daiko was formed in the 1950s by jazz drummer Daihachi Oguchi and can be defined as group or ensemble drumming for the sake of performance arts and entertainment. Several different types of drums and percussion instruments are used in tandem to create beautiful and powerful musical compositions that can convey specific moods and tell stories of Japan’s rich history and culture.

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Aikijuku Dojo of Lenexa will positively change you and your child. Are you ready to take the next step towards a healthier, confident, dedicated life?

Aikijuku Dojo  Still have questions?