The mission of Aikijuku Dojo is to serve as a conduit for the teachings of Aikido. 

Aikido is a path of discipline aimed at perfection of the spirit through flowing with the natural energy of the universe. The art and path of Aikido was researched and taught by Morihei Ueshiba, known as O'Sensei, and passed on to Abe Seiseki Sensei. Through practicing circular movements for the restoration of harmony out of conflict, those who follow the path of Aikido develop a sensitivity for flowing with universal energy, Ki, applicable not only to the physical realm of attacks, but also to communication skills.  Although a philosophical art, this art of peace is well recognized in Japan and is required study for law enforcement officers in Japan.

The path of Aikido is too wide and deep to be covered in these pages, but this site is intended as a cursory introduction to some of the important principles of aikido. This site, like aikido training, is a perpetual work in progress. Please browse all you like and stop back from time to time to catch updates and share your thoughts.